Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can You Help?

the little boy above is gideon. i sponsor him. he lives in uganda. as most of you know, i am going on a missions trip to uganda in mid-january. i will get to meet gideon and give him a hug. if you had told me i'd be doing this a few months ago, i would have laughed in your face and walked away. i am a shy, quiet girl. i live my life in the shadows. i don't involve myself in anything. but that was a few months ago. that was before i looked at pictures of children with grins on their faces and sad eyes that told stories of a life i have known all too well. in those eyes, i could see abuse because i have lived that life; as both a child AND an adult. it broke my heart into a million pieces, and i tried to ignore it, BUT GOD WOULDN'T LET ME. i tried to shut it out, but the images of those children played in my head like a movie; running over and over. i argued with God that i was starting nursing school and that i had other plans. He fixed that for me, and nursing school is now on hold until this coming fall, as are my other plans. i have run out of excuses, and no longer have any reasons to drag my feet. my passport has been purchased. i have been trying to frantically raise funds.

but i need your help, and the help of those you know. i have about $1400 left to raise, and not a lot of time left to do it. i am trying to convince myself that God will provide. this is a huge faith test, but i feel like i'm failing the test big time. i've never had to trust God with anything this big before, and it's hard!!

if anyone wants to give/is able to give towards my trip, donations can be made either by check/money order or securely over the internet. if you are able to help me out, or know anyone who has a heart for africa, that would be awesome. if you make a donation by mail, PLEASE specify on the memo line of the check/money order that the donation is for Ali Davis, so that it gets to my account with Show Mercy.

Show Mercy International
PO Box 607
Albany, Oregon 97321




  1. He'll provide. I still need $1,800.
    I know He's our Provider, girl.

  2. thanks, gabs. you know this, and i know (somewhere in my heart), but it's so hard to convince my brain. i love you!