Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More to Be Thankful About

-i am thankful that i have freedom from a majority of my past, though i'm still working on self-forgiveness with a certain issue.
-i am thankful that i have amazing sisters all over the world, and it blesses me to see them grow along with me!
-i am thankful that i live in a country where i can worship the TRUE GOD without fear of losing my life. i often take that for granted...
-i am thankful (although it's painful) that God keeps pushing me past my comfort level, to keep me growing in Him.
-i am thankful (and blessed) to have a God and friends i can rely on when things are tough and i feel like i'm losing my mind.
-i'm thankful that HE chose ME.
-i'm thankful for constant grace, mercy and forgiveness.
-i am thankful that i am trying to follow God's calling on my life.
-i am thankful that i am finally choosing life, not death.


  1. I like your blog, and I like your "Thankful List"

  2. GABI: AMEN!!

    SUSAN: thanks for stopping by! it's always nice to see a new face! <3

  3. praise God! that's awesome! it's amazing what a little thanksgiving and praise will do for you! It fills your heart with joy and it doesn't take long for the petty stuff and even some of the doubts, fears, anxieties and struggles to seem to dissipate as we fix our eyes back on CHRIST! The author and perfector of our faith! Praise God! Stay in that place of thanksgiving.

  4. Amen sister!!!ITS SO ENCOURAGING AND I BLESS THE LORD FOR YOU.Am from Kenya and am inspired.God bless you!